Sunday, February 19, 2012

Going Crunchy!

I am so excited to share with you our personal experiences of making better choices for our family. Some would say we are hippies or that we are going green. Instead of taking on an label in these areas I would be free to stay fluid and pliable. No labels and no restrictions. *smile* We chose to make these lifestyle changes to better our health, our finances, our time, experiences, and so much more.
We did not realize that these small changes would be so much fun or have such an impact on our lives. I do want to say that these changes did not happen over night. It took awhile. One change was made and then a while later another was made. For our family it was like getting on a huge Ferris Wheel. It took awhile in the beginning for the Wheel to start turning and then keep turning. However once we started, we kept seeing the improvements in our life. From there the Ferris Wheel just kept going faster. *smile* For all those who are skeptics, I was too. Now I am just enjoying the ride. My husband and I have chosen to make this journey together and to support each other in trying new things that we believe are better for our family. Please glean what you will and leave the rest. Enjoy!

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