Monday, February 20, 2012

A Paperless Kitchen

Several people asked me how we made our kitchen almost paperless. The main paper products we used in our kitchen before were paper towels, cleaning wipes, napkins, and paper plates.
To replace the paper towels and cleaning wipes I went and got a basket from Salvation Army that was really cute and I liked. Then I went and bought about twenty dish cloths and ten scrub cloths. I put them in the basket on top of the counter for easy access so that we would actually use them. We use our scrub cloths for cleaning and the others for everything else. We used to have cloth napkins upstairs in the top of the closet. Now we have those down now so if we have guests over to dinner they can have a cloth napkin instead of several pieces of quickly used paper towel. Cloth napkins go further and look nicer!

This was our last roll of Paper Towel and it took us over a month to finish using the roll!

Paper plates have been a recent purchase with this pregnancy. We never used them in our home before, outside of birthday parties. My husband and I talked about just doing more dish washing, however at this time, because of my pregnancy, it is best for our family to buy bulk paper plates to save on time. This is where the flexible part of all of this comes to play. For our family, this is the better choice. The total cost was of the paper towel project was a little less than $20. So we have definitely saved on money with this project! Some have asked if there is more laundry. Not really. I throw the cloths in with our other laundry and there has been no 'extra' load. So no worries there! Here is the web site that motivated me to make this change in our home:

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