Monday, February 20, 2012

Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream is one change that I wanted to make for several reasons. First, shaving creme is expensive. Especially with the kind my husband needed for his super sensitive skin. Also, there are several nasty chemicals that are harmful to the environment when it is made, not including the ones in the product that go onto your skin. 
And lastly because I have been enjoying changing our products to healthier, cheaper, and more natural products. It gets addicting. *smile* For my Shaving Cream I just lather with my natural soap bar I get at our health food store. For my husband, he uses Dr. Bonners Mild Castile Soap. I was actually more nervous about the change for him because his skin is so sensitive. But I actually have seen improvements. He hardly ever gets razor burn when it used to be a usual occurrence. He has been using this for a few months. This change has been a definite money saver and has been better for our health as well. Definitely a change I would recommend. *smile* Here are a few other sites that have different recipes as well as the site for the Castile Soap my husband uses:

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