Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pride is Dangerous!

So I have been learning how much God hates pride. And the funny thing is, is that it is SO clearly pointed out in scripture I have no idea why it has never hit me before. Why others do not speak of the death trap of pride. How it blinds you and how you idolize yourself above God, even if you didn’t know you were. I am understanding more and more each day why God hates pride. I want to find each piece within me and be rid of it!
I want to be humble, in all things, even in my secret place and time alone with my close friends and family. I do not want to be prideful in my comfort zone either. When I am with those who understand and love me more than others it is easier to be prideful.  I wish we could all see that this is something dangerous. I wish it would have been brought to me before. People have said, 'you are prideful.' But I never knew how dangerous that was. I always thought there was a good pride and a bad pride. That being proud was okay as long as you didn’t run others over with it. But that is not even remotely true. To put ones self above another is wrong, we are all equal and all sinners in Gods sight, not one above the other. To put myself above God is wrong, and I do that by not having faith in him or giving Him control. That is VERY dangerous. Who am I? I am the creation, NOT the creator! The Lord sent me to Daniel 7. In Daniel 7 there were 4 beast that represented 4 kingdoms in the earth. The 4th made Daniel more afraid and he trembled more than the others. He had human eyes and a mouth that spoke with pride and arrogance. The Lord destroyed this beast first, which was SO different than the other 3 in Daniels descriptions. God stripped the other 3 of their power, but let them live a time and did not immediately kill them. But the prideful beast was killed outright. There is so much in this piece of scripture, but God was showing me in scriptures, throughout scriptures, in everything it seems, how he hates pride. Yesterday I was reading about the Sabbath in Matthew 12 and on. What Christ did on His day of Sabbath and how the Pharisees kept questioning Him in His action and heart. Christ rebuked them many times and gave them straight answers, but they refused to understand him. In their pride they did not want to see the truth. They were blinded and could not see the truth. He continued to give them warning after warning out of love… however, in their ‘sin’ of not seeing their ‘sin’ (It is sin to not know our sin.. and that sin is pride!) they refused what Christ kept telling them. They kept refusing Christ, which is another sin. And they will be judged for not following the gospel as said in 2 Thessalonians. Man oh man… this is serious business. And I know God is showing me these things because He brought them to me and I want to share them. But I do not look forward to the accusations that will surely come, for I myself have always been a prideful person. And I am still walking out of my pride. I do not want to idolize myself or put myself above God or anyone else. I do not want this filth of pride!

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"So speak and so do as being about to be judged by the law of liberty. For judgement will be without mercy to the one not doing mercy, and mercy exalts over judgement." James 2:12-13