Monday, February 27, 2012

Homemade Deoderant

We have slowly been changing different things in our home to more natural, cheaper, and toxic/chemical free items. Recently, I have been in search for a deodorant that would work well for my husband and I. With his sensitive skin I have to be careful that the end product won’t irritate him. So, I started an online search.

I found different types of deodorant that I could make and several that I could buy. However, I didn’t just want to find a ‘crunchy’ deodorant, I wanted it to be an affordable solution too. Normally making your own products is more affordable, so after my initial search of natural products, I continued to look at homemade recipes. Also, I like to use the ingredients in what I make for more than one thing. So whatever ingredients were going to be in the deodorant, I wanted to use them in other ways around our home too. All of these stipulations kept limiting the choices we had to find or make a cheap chemical free, natural deodorant. FINALLY, I found one! My friend Heidi forwarded me a recipe that she had used and found online. We have been using this deodorant for several weeks and I LOVE it! My husband loves it too! Which was the best part of it all. Not only does it not irritate his skin, but it lasts longer than his old deodorant and we both prefer the smell. His last deodorant smelled great, don’t get me wrong. But the scent now is absolutely amazing. *smile* Sooo…. Let me tell you what is in it and how to make it!

 The finished product!

Coconut Oil ~ I highly recommend you use Virgin Coconut Oil, not RBD (Refined, Bleached, Deodorized) Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is known to be an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and improves nutrient absorption. Also, it is a great moisturizer! There are many more great properties to Coconut Oil too.
Baking Soda ~ Baking Soda has anti-fungal properties and levels the pH of the body and can be used for numerous amounts of things in your home.
Lemon Oil ~ Lemon Oil is some amazing stuff as well. Lemon Oil has anti-infectious, disinfectant, anti-viral, astringent, detoxifying, anti-septic, anti-fungal, and other great properties that make it an awesome oil to choose for deodorant.

How To:
Coconut Oil ~ 1 tbsp (you might need a little more)
Baking Soda ~ ¾ cup
Lemon Oil ~ 20 drops (you can use another oil if you choose too)

First, choose how you will store your deodorant. Personally, I cleaned out an old deodorant stick. Any left over mixture would be put in a small glass bowl with a lid.
Then in a bowl, stir together Baking Soda, Lemon Drops, and melted Coconut Oil. I melted the Coconut Oil in the microwave for a few seconds. It literally only took seconds to melt so I would watch it.
Next, pour the mixture into the deodorant stick or other container you chose. I put the deodorant stick in the refrigerator for a little while to help it solidify more. You could also put it aside and let it sit out for awhile to set, but I wanted it to set a little faster.
Finally, via-la, the deodorant stick is ready to use!

I hope you enjoy this deodorant recipe! I certainly have never been happier with my deodorant!


  1. Jordan, does this only work on deodorizing odor or does it also work as an antiperspirant (keeping a person from getting all wet and sticky)?

    1. Deb, as far as we know by experience, it is only a deodorizer. Even with the heat on and wearing our coats when we are out I haven't sweated. I asked Benj and he said he hasn't sweat yet either. It is not hot where we live yet, and so have not needed an antiperspirant. But we should know as Spring and Summer start to come and I can let you know then. One reason I chose the Lemon Oil coupled with the Coconut Oil is because it is an astringent. From what I understand an astringent cleans the skin and constricts the pores. Also it contracts the tissues, diminishing the body's discharge. So, saying all this I am hoping it is and antiperspirant as well!

  2. Jordan, did this recipe fill the whole deodorant tube? Also, I have some baking soda that has been open for awhile and isn't doing its job in baking (I discovered when my cookies were kinda flat lol). Do you think that would make a difference in the deodorant, or might it be a good use for slightly old baking soda?

    1. Amy, this recipe filled the deodorant tube and then I had enough left over to fill probably another half of a tube. However, I put it in a little jar instead. I don't know how the recipe will turn out with old baking soda. I know that there is a difference when using old baking soda while cooking, so it could make a difference in the deodorant. I am honestly not sure though. I do know how to check to see if your baking soda is old though. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in with 1/2 cup of very hot water. If the mixture immediately starts bubbling then the baking soda is still good. I say use your best judgment. Personally, I would try it. If you are worried that it might make a difference you can get baking soda at the grocery store for 50 cent to one dollar. I would recommend checking the label and making sure there is no aluminum in the baking soda you buy.


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